Monday, 7 December 2009

QLP, my one year video log, is over

Hey friends,

Recently I celebrated my 25th birthday, which marked the end of my one year weekly vlog project "Quarterlife Pounder." If you ever have 270 minutes (or so) to put out of commission, you can watch all 53 videos here:


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FSaker said...

Ah, that's great, now there is a topic where I can leave my comment about the QLP video log without making it look out of context!

Reposting the mentioned comment (sorry if you have already read it; but if you haven't, here it is):

I just managed to watch your last QLP videos last weekend, and they got me reflecting of how many times your videos made me laugh, how many times they made me think of things I never thought about before, and sometimes your videos made me realize I'm not alone in some existencial thoughts about life and everything related to it.

Quarterlife Pounder was a great experience of reflection and communication. At the same time you provided the audience with your thoughts about each theme, you also encouraged people to have their own thoughts and to discuss them. You also presented us to your lovely "alter-egos" Kellen and Colby, and it's amazing to see how each of them has his own traits and a personality of his own! You really showed some acting skills here!

It's sad to think that QLP is finally over, but that's okay; life goes on, new things will come and I'm sure that soon you'll be back with new projects to show to the world! Anyway, I just want to thank you for a whole year of brilliant discussions, brilliant ways to film and present each video, and for the awesome humor in them! Maybe they weren't huge hits on YouTube, but the interest from all the followers you got throughout this year show that this project was a huge accomplishment, and I hope you always remember that! Thank you very much and congratulations, mission accomplished!!

PS: Sorry for the long text... I still have serious problems to summarize my words...

PS2: Congratulations for your birthday!! And sorry for saying that only now that your birthday already passed...