Friday, 25 September 2009

Horribly Injured Americans Against Obamacare (video I helped edit for

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Here is a video that I helped edit for

What do you think of political parody spoofs like this one? Do they make a difference? Is the only result that people who already agree with this viewpoint will like it and people who disagree with this viewpoint will find it unfair? But could that be said of any political discourse? How do you change someone's mind? Will political satire ever change the mind of people who are undecided in their beliefs? Or is it naive to think that there are people who are undecided when in fact most people's most fundamental beliefs are concretely and irrevocably formed very very early on in their childhood? How do you change someone's mind? Is this a patronizing question to ask? Should I ask instead how could someone change my mind?

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Kyle said...

The problem with this kind of thing is that it pushes the two sides of the argument further apart. In this case, the pro-Obamacare come away feeling smug that the haters are idiots, while the anti-Obamacare folks come away thinking the socialists aren't taking this seriously. The contribution one could make with comedy is to show how outlandish the disagreements are, which would appeal to both sides and maybe encourage actual discourse.

The video is funny, but you didn't ask that, did you?

FSaker said...

Sure, it is possible to change one's mind with political satire; the point is to know how to make the satire in a way that the viewer can understand the message behind it. And of course, it needs to be funny, too (which should be obvious, but many political satires fail at that).

I think this UCBcomedy video is good, it is funny, but a little bit exagerated with the situation of the wounded people, who in general should have died instantly from the wounds (except the woman with the baby; she fits perfectly in the discussion regarding "Obamacare").

Nevertheless, yes Nate, this kind of video may not change the minds of people who have a strong belief anti-Obamacare, but it can surely point to undecided people (and even to anti-Obamacare people who are open for a rational discussion) the flaws in the anti-Obamacare's arguments.

Of course, every side has its good and bad points, so that should be considered, too. But that's another discussion.

brain said...

Here's the funny top Glenn Beck finalist satire video making fun of Obamacare, and the progressive view of their "New America:" New America Video by Narf Biscuits