Tuesday, 9 June 2009

THE END OF THE WORLD: an improvised apocalypse

Hey, if you're in New York City between now and June 30th you should come see THE END OF THE WORLD.


An improvised sci-fi extravaganza centered on the end of the world. Inspired by a single suggestion, the actors spend the first half of the show creating scenes that lead up to an apocalypse. Then in the second half they create the new world that rises up from those ruins. Expect generous doses of zombies, robots, dystopian governments, the four horsemen and paste that may or may not be made of people.

Featuring: Benjamin Apple, David Bluvband, Adam Bozarth, Katelyn Cunningham, Kirk Damato, Crystal Delahanty, Nate Dern, Brian Faas, Frank Hejl, Lauren Hunter, Matthew Little, Benjamin Ragheb, Alexis Saarela, Christopher Scott, Natalie Short, John Trowbridge

You can make reservations online.

Hope to see you there.


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