Friday, 15 May 2009

word wall results

Hey friends,

I recently posted a question asking folks:

If you were going to spell out a single word with big wooden letters on the wall of your new apartment, what would it be?

I asked the question because my girlfriend and I happened to come across some big wooden letters. How does someone just happen to come across some big wooden letters? That, my friend, is a tale for another time...actually we just found them online. Not much of a tale, I guess, seeing it written out like that. Anyway, this is what people said:

@s from my Twitter post:
  • YES
  • plastic
  • WALL
  • what up
  • antidisestablismentarianism
  • curse word of your choice (Mine would be "shitfire" or "clusterfuck.")
  • balldickulous
  • wall
  • create
  • smile
  • gobbledigook
  • imagination

Comments on my Facebook status:
  • your name (Mine would be Nate. Yours would not. Unless of course it would.)
  • YES
  • JEDI
  • CUNT.
  • WALL.
  • LIVE.
  • WALL
  • good
  • shalom
  • shazam!
  • relax
  • your favorite number spelled out in lowercase letters (Mine would be "three.")
  • L'Chaim...
  • Fly
  • Viva
  • Revoluciรณn!
  • salaam alaikum
  • swine flu
  • a word that represents a goal you have, but not obviously (Mine might be "Penguin.")
  • elaborate
  • dracula
  • dontcutdowntreestomakeasign
  • big letters
  • Banana hammock
  • Fly
  • *sup*
  • Wonderwall

Quite the list. Before asking y'all the question, my answer was "Lugubrious." My girlfriend's answer was "hello." I'll be sure to post if we end up making it happen.

Thanks to everyone who answered or read.


1 comment:

YOU said...

apologies for the the comment in the wrong spot, but yeah, the pants sleeves are GOLD! Solid Gold! You need to rock your styles in public, seriously. I can already see the marketing campaign: print and television ads of people walking on their hands! I will not steal your idea, but you need to take ownership of it before someone does.

Also you're sizzlin' :D Just thought I throw that tinsy piece of empirical science out there, what with your symmetry and all.