Monday, 2 March 2009

QLP How do you get over a break up?

Hey friends,

New QLP, new format. How do you get over a break up? I share some advice that I've heard over the years...

In other news, I have had a sinus infection for a couple of weeks now and seem to be getting worse. I'm going to an ear, nose and throat doctor tomorrow. If you have any wisdom about sinus health, please share it.

Sinusitis love,


KindleBlossom said...

Hi! I've had ongoing sinusitis for a while now too, and a recent discovery of mine may be able to help! I use a neti pot with about a teaspoon of medical grade honey per cup of hot water. They say honey is even better than some antibiotics at clearing out crazy nasal biofilm, and you can use it consistently over long periods without any health risk. :) I did it twice a day for about two weeks, and now once every few days, and my symptoms are completely tamed. Good luck, and I hope you feel better! :)

emilyemilyemily said...

i, too, have bad sinuses. my problems are caused mostly by a cyst in my right sinus (the one in my cheek, whatever that's called), which i hope is not the case for you. if it is, though, flonase works wonders.

also! zinc is a natural healer. you can find it in various oral forms at a grocery store. when i feel like i'm starting to get sick, i suck on a zinc lozenge, which really helps a lot.

feel better!