Thursday, 22 January 2009

Strong Takes: funky president

Hey Internet Buddy,

After a brief hiatus, Strong Takes is back and better than ever. Earlier this week I electronically published a piece called "funky president." Please enjoy.

Wait wait wait . . . you've never read Strong Takes before? It is a pretty cool little thing. Here is the deal: each piece starts with a real snippet of news from the mainstream media and is then followed by the author's original riffing on that idea. Perhaps a fake continuation of the story, perhaps a scene inspired by the content of the article, satire, parody, whatever. Hopefully its funny. Then, and this my friends is the really cool part, you the reader have the opportunity to have a Stronger Take. That's right, you can add what you think would have been a funnier riff on the original news clip, or even add to what was already started by the other author. Earlier this week another writer had a piece about imagining what the letter that George W. Bush left for Barack Obama in his desk would have looked like. I had a Stronger Take where I imagined my own Bush letter. It was fun. You, dear reader, could have this type of fun. Just go visit Strong Takes. I write a biweekly piece under the alias Mello Costelvis.


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