Sunday, 24 August 2008

Top Nine Favorite Pixies Songs

Since this is the fifth and final entry in this evening hour of silliness, I thought it should be something special. I now present to you the world premier of Top Nine Favorite Pixies Songs, a video that has lived in the Nate Dern closet for a few months now because it was initially deemed “too dumb” to be shown to other humans by the Nate Dern Review Board. The board is feeling a bit lax tonight, so let’s take advantage of their generosity before it is too late.

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i am wrecked. i am overblown. said...

Today I thought to myself, "wow, Nate hasn't updated in awhile." I check my RSS feeds almost everyday and was pleasantly surprised to see you updated multiple times. Now to get you to update on Vimeo!!!! be well.